Family Stay
If you are looking to learn the language, living with an Spanish speaking family is the best option for you. Choose the lenght of your stay and the family you want to live with more...
If you take any lesson with us, you get 10% discount at Travellers Inn accommodation services
If you are a Travellers Inn guest, you get 20% discount on our lessons
When taking our lessons, you get free water and all the material
You will get a Diploma for any lesson

Travellers Spanish School

Quito - Ecuador - South America





We are located inside the same building than the Travellers Inn. Anyone there can give you assistance about the lessons.


Our address is:

La Pinta E4-435 y Av. Amazonas

La Mariscal District

Quito - Ecuador - South America

Phone: (+593) 098217731

Fax: (+593 2) 2546455


Take lessons with us whenever and wherever you want!
Get a Diploma to Certify your knowledge!


One-to-One lessons:

Minimum 1 hour


Programmed lessons:

10 hours

20 hours

40 hours


Practical lessons:

- Restaurants, bars, plazas, interacting with locals, etc.

- Trips tp the Old Town, Cable Car, Equator, etc.


Family Stay:

- Stay with an Ecuadorian family for the length of time you wish to improve your Spanish skills. more...


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You will get a Diploma for any lesson you take with us, certifying the level of knowledge you have.

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